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Lehmann & Cole Louis Panormo Model, 1830. NEW $4100.
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This is a copy of the premier builder of guitars "in the Spanish style" in London in 1830. I had an original one in the shop a few years ago and made an accurate drawing before it went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts for the "Dangerous Curves" exhibit. Ours is made of prime Brazilian rosewood veneers for the sides and back, just like many early guitars were constructed - both for strength and beauty. The top is a fine grained spruce finished with bees wax and polished to a luster. The neck is maple and ebonized mahogany like the original. The soundhole is surrounded with pearl and the bridge tails are inlaid. It has a fan braced top for superior overtone development, and has a carbon graphite reinforcement in the neck. The fingerboard is Brazilian rosewood and has EVO gold frets. A gig bag is included, and a wooden coffin style case is available at extra cost.

Panormo model

Panormo, coffin case, Lehmann, guitar Panormo guitar

Panormo Models are available in Brazilian Rosewood and Curly Maple, and either in solid woods or laminates of prime veneers.

Panormo made guitars with either "Spanish" fan braced tops or "French" ladder braced tops. Fan bracing generally yields greater overtone development and a richer tone. Ladder bracing lends clarity and a brighter tone. Both are very good, just different. Wooden cases are available with this model for $400.





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