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Model Eclipse
Model Manouche
Model Gypsy Djammer

There are two Lehmann models patterned after the Selmer/Maccaferri guitars popularized by Django Reinhardt in the 1930’s: The Model Manouche, and the Model Eclipse.

The Model Manouche, with the large “D” shaped soundhole has a rich tone, and the Model Eclipse with its small oval soundhole has a bright tone. Because of this tone difference, they make a perfect pair!

Lehmann Gypsy Guitars are available with a choice of either traditional bracing or contemporary bracing. The traditional style bracing lends a tone which is bright and is clear, while the contemporary style bracing is rich and sweet. All LEHMANN GUITARS are custom made and unique. The models shown are just a few fine examples of Lehmann’s work.

More on the Model Eclipse
The Model Eclipse is patterned after the Selmer “Petite Bouche” model but with a 21st Century sound. It has remarkable sustain and is able to cut through bricks! The tone of the Model Eclipse is bright and clear, and the volume is guaranteed to please.

The sound port opens up the sound of this guitar and lets you hear the instrument better too.  This model has a standard string length of 26 3/8” (67 cm) but can be made with a 25 ½ length if preferred.

  • Mahogany sides, back and neck
  • AAA grade spruce soundboard
  • Rosewood fingerboard, bridge, and brass tailpiece
  • Multi-laminate plastic body bindings
  • Pearl dot position marker inlays
  • Nickel- or chrome-plated Schaller tuners
  • Antique amber finish
  • Hard shell case

BASE PRICE Model Eclipse $3,950.

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360 degree view


  • String length: 25.5: or  traditional 26.3" (67mm)
  • Lower bout width: 16"
  • Upper bout width: 12"
  • Body length: 19"
  • Body depth at neck: 3"
  • Max body depth at bridge: 4"
  • Body depth at end block: 4"
  • Standard nut width:
    1 3/4"
  • String width at bridge: 2 5/16"


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