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Here's something different - a Viola Da Mano! It's a Renaissance guitar that sounds like a lute but plays like a modern guitar. It has high octave strings on the two low notes to help add some sparkle. It can also be strung with four pairs of strings like a Ren. guitar. This thing is way cool! More info at "In Stock" page.


OCTAVE MANDOLINS are all the rage these days, and here's a LEHMANN version that
is available now. It plays an octave lower than a regular mando and has a super full, rich voice. More info on my "In Stock" page HERE. Click HERE for a sound sample...https://youtu.be/6OBC8HkAAbg


The Lehmann Classic Steel Model is the latest addition to our vast reservoir of models.
This one features a comfortable 14" body width with a 25" scale. The 12 fret neck
adds to the perfect balance in tone and feel. The neck width is in between a typical steel and classic model making it great for fingerstyle. Check the INSTOCK page for details.
#517 Honduran Mahogany, torrefied spruce, tulipwood trim...

Join the Luthiers of the World April in Harrisburg, Pa. for the Artisan Guitar Show. Let the sweet string sing! ArtisanGuitarShow.com SHOW CANCELLED TIL SPRING 2021

The copy of the 1729 harp is nearly ready to string up. It has been faux finished to look like tortoise shell, and all of the carving has been gold leafed. Two new skills for the luthier's arsenal!
click big


The Lehmann Master Model 2000 in Brazilian rosewood is now available! With your first chord you will understand why Brazilian rosewood is the King of Tone. Each note blossoms and flowers with overtones the longer it rings. Oh, so sweet! MORE HERE
Lehmann Model 2000 Lehmann Model 2000 Lehmann Model 2000 enlarge


Oh Boy! A new project! I am restoring a harp built in 1729 in "Germany". It has been worm eaten and cannot be brought to playable condition, so I am making a reproduction. The original has been carved with a leaf motif and gilded, and has a faux tortoiseshell finish on the body. 12/17
clik big



Don't Miss This!!!!!!!!!!



Kinloch Nelson talks about his Custom Lehmann guitar and plays his inimitable version of "Canadian Sunset"
Kinloch Nelson plays Lehmann Guitar

Custom Lehmann Flattop


This Special order Model Session Rodney Jones was built to have an open and sweet broken-in tone right out of the shop. It features an Alpine spruce top for great response and clarity of tone, and walnut back and sides to add a mellow richness.
Lehmann model session Lehmann archtop Klik Big Model Session Page Link


The latest Parlor paramour is the 1790 Renault & Chatelain model. This is the transitional guitar between the 10 string Baroque model and guitars like the Panormo and LaCote. This is the first generation of the 6 string modern format....and Oh, so SWEET! More info HERE.
early romantic guitar

Romance is in the airwaves with the new Lehmann & Cole 1830 Louis Panormo Models. Tuck one of these diminutive sweeties under your arm and play a pavan or try some triads. More info HERE.
Panormo guitar Panormo guitar Panormo headstock

LEHMANN INSTRUMENTS will be at the Amherst Early Music Fest in New London CT. July 16 & 17, 2016. We have Rebecs, Vielles, Lutes, Early Guitars and there will be all manner of tra-La fun! Come and try some new things.
vielle, rebec, lute, Panormoclikpicbig ... vielle castle bridge

What? Another new instrument??? That's right, this time it is a tenor MacArthur Harp! Named after the famed folk musician Margaret MacArthur, it is an updated version of a circa 1900 era chord zither. 4 chords and 2 octaves of single strings. How kool dat?
MacArthur Harp MacArthur Harp clikpicbig ***Do I hear the angels singing?***

Here's a great vid of "Big Blue House" featuring Harvey Possemato playing the LEHMANN ALL NIGHTER electric....he's awesome! http://youtu.be/zwDb48tKg30  ......This one's available NOW!!! Yeah, that's Australian Lacewood, mate. Call 585-902 TONE to stake your claim! Clik pic big...More info in "In Stock" section.
Lehmann Flat Boy Lehmann guitar Lehmann guitar back Lehmann guitar


"Shapley New Model Joins Lehmann Vielle Line" The headlines are ablaze with excitement over the debut of the Tenor Vielle. Check "Rebec & Vielle" page for info.
tenor vielle Lehmann Lehmann tenor vielle

The Lehmann Frank Lloyd Wright Manouche was inspired by a window in Wright's Martin house in Buffalo. Featuring Malaysian Blackwood and a Port Orford Cedar top, this jazz box has 24 carat ring! (click big)
lehmann guitar manouche gypsy lehmann guitar manouche gypsy lehmann guitar manouche gypsy

Here is a sound sample from our man with his head in the clouds Steve Greene playing his masterful version of Django's "Nuages" on the Lehmann FLW Manouche. WOW!!!


Check out this short vid from JazzMeister Steve Greene playing the fabulous Contempo 12er: Steve GreeneCLICK PIC) Look on the VINTAGE page for more info on this way cool guitar available now at a really great price!

Here's a new model for the full body enthusiast named after it's owner - The Maracek Express!!! It features a 16" wide body with lots of air inside to mellow and sweeten the tone, and stylish features to please the eye. Clik pics big, Call for more info.
Lehmann guitar archtop Lehmann guitar Lehmann guitar Lehmann guitar

2014 Woodstock Special: The 12 fret "00" size Fingerstylist in Swiss Pearwood!
I love pearwood guitars because they are so light they just tremble in your hands when you play them. The full body shape allows a terrific balance and roundness to the tone while the smaller classical size keeps the trebles clear. The perfect guitar pairing!
Available now...Click HERE for more detals on our "In Stock" page.
Lehmann guitar Lehmann guitar clik fotoz
Dueling Banjos' Eric Weissberg Plays the Jungle Banjo @ Woodstock. He looks HAPPY!

RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE!!! The newest thing is the wood top banjo. This one is themed on the painter Henri Rousseau's jungle paintings - beware what lurks beneath the foliage. Meanwhile the Tiger Maple Bridge strolls across the savannah busking for dinner while Mr. Toucan peer safely down from the headstock heights. The back is Tulipwood and Cocobolo straight from the rain forest, and the neck is rescue mahogany. Custom.
Rousseau Lehmann guitar Lehmann guitar Lehmann guitar Lehmann guitar


Book your Fall Fling in the Forest now! The Woodstock Show is lots of fun and the guitars are the best in the world. Take your favorite luthier to dinner listen to some great music at the show. LEHMANN GUITARS will have some new and delectable treats to make your fingers dance. _______________________________________________________________

The ROYCROFT style Manouche has been a fun design / build project creating a theme instrument based on the work of a branch of the Craftsman and Mission design schools known as "Roycroft". The Roycroft campus was located in Western NY near wheire I live and encompased furniture, architecture, pottery, metalwork, book publishing, and many craft diciplines at the turn of the 20th C._____ Click on the pics for large photos
Lehmann gypsy guitar Lehmann gypsy guitar Lehmann gypsy guitar Lehmann gypsy guitar Lehmann gypsy guitar

Check out the Lehmann Acoustic Fretless Bass at the Woodstock Show. It is made of Ovankol and spruce with all sorts of hidden treasures for the eye and ear! Get Down!
Lehmann guitar__Lehmann guitar____Click to enlarge

LEHMANN GUITARS at the Roch. Int'l Jazz Fest June 20 thru 28th. We'll have some of our latest creations on display at the Roch. Plaza Hotel lobby during the Jam Session with Bob Sneider 9pm thru.... Stop down - it's really FUN!

Good press for the "Rochester 5" Luthiers compliments of CITY PAPER (link). This amiable and talented group cover the gamut of guitar construction from bark to polish, from electric to eclectic, from dolce to vita. click the pic for enlargement.
city paper__ __ __

Luthier Lehmann is featured in an artilce in the regional "55+" magazine for Jan/Feb 2014. (Likely many of you are shocked that I could qualify for this age group)
55+ __________clik big

The Sandy-Haired Surfer sails again into new waters with his new TENOR UKE in Hawaiian koa wood with chip carved gloriosities and just enough abalone to recall the sound of the crashing waves on Pipeline! clik bigger
tenor uke 1 __ __tenor uke cu __tenor uke back

Do You Believe In Magic? John Sebastion does when playing a Lehmann at the Woodstock Invitational Show! What a great entertainer! clik big

Woodstock Showpiece ------ Bernie's "FALLING LEAF" GRAND CONCERT MODEL
Brazilian Rosewood, Adirondack Spruce, and Bernie's unique flair for design.
The Best of the Best will be at the Woodstock Invitational Show (see banner below)
Lehmann guitar___ Lehmann guitar ___ click to enlarge

The Rochester International Jazz Fest features a great lineup of talent - including Lehmann Guitars! Visit us at the Rochester Plaza Hotel Friday and Saturday 10pm --?
Bob Sneider on the LEHMANN ALL NIGHTER, and Loren Barrigar and Mark Mazengarb ripping it up on two Deluxe BL Flattops. CLIK "RockyBlues" for a video clip of Rocky Lawrence the Robert Johnson whiz sliding on a custom Lehmann 10 string Tri-cone.
_ ________RockyBlues

Song and Celebration at the Woodstock Invitational Guitar Show October 26 & 27. Over 50 of the best Luthiers in the world meet for a "Rumble in Bearsville" to show off their recent wares. Come and meet your makers!

ASIA (Assoc. of Stringed Instrument Artisans) had their convention and wood slam June 12 through 16 this year on the campus of E.Stroudsburg U. in PA. Many of the stars of the biz were there and much expertise was willingly and openly shared with all. The Bern-meister presented a talk on designing and building not guitars -- meaning just about anything else. I made a list and discovered I have made 64 different models of stringed instruments since 1972! Check out our web site: www.Guitarmaker.org

FAN-tastic! Not an optical illusion, but a fan fret, multi scale 10 string Mandolin / Mandola all wrapped up in Koa wood and Sitka. (Clik photoz bigger)

___ Lehmann Mandolin___ Lehmann Mandolin___ Lehmann Mandolin


Two new "IN STOCK" instruments are now available: a Model All Nighter electric in lacewood, and a walnut Vielle with a carved castle bridge. Too much fun!!!(never).


Hey buddy, can you spare a TENOR??? Four stringers are Hot these days. Order Now!

Clik 'em big___________________________________________________________

This month Bernie was going formal while chip carving some fancies on his new Brazilian Rosewood Spanish Model Classical guitar. clik for more detail.
Lehmann guitar Lehmann guitar

Stephane Wrembel had a chance to play a couple of my recent Gypsy Manouche chambered body guitars this weekend during his workshop in town. He's fresh from the Oscar performance of his "Midnight In Paris" theme. Great player, fun music!


Abso-lute-ly Amazing! This 8 course Lehmann Lute was custom made with Hawaiian Koa - one of my favorite woods - and weighs in at 1.75 pounds! Lutes are both beautiful, and remarkable engineering miracles. Here's to the Renaissance Man!
Lehmann Lute Lehmann Lute Lehmann Lute (clik larger)

I have had a fun project this week restoring a Gibson Florentine banjo that tragically lost it's head in a riverboat accident on the River Rhine-stone. The original fingerboard is painted with scenes of Venice - inexplicably not Florence... (clik larger).

Acoustic Guitar Magazine, February 2012.
Goin' to Woodstock, by Teja Gekin
A review of this years Guitar Show featuring a photo of LEHMANN GUITARS

Lehmann Guitars will be at the Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase again this year, October 22 & 23, 2011. Stop in to visit with the best luthiers in the world and to run your fingers over the latest Lehmann creation! New for the show will be a Koa wood flattop Model 1887 Double-Top!!!!!WOW!!!!! and a new electric-acoustic Model called the ALL-NIGHTER. Yabba dooo!

double topA peek inside the Cathedral of Cool - 2ble Tops!

Kevin Eubanks Kev Eubanks KEVIN EUBANKS spreads some lightning on the fretboard of a LEHMANN guitar at the Rochester Jazz Fest!


The Lance has a BROTHER!!!! Called "The All Nighter", this beauty is 15 3/4" wide, and fit for the gig with two split coil Armstrong pickups. This is definitely the latest greatest hi-techist unit! (clikmebig) Look in "In Stock" for current availability.

Bernie's fine Celtic Classic is featured in the April 2011 issue of the premier woodworking magazine FINE WOODWORKING! (clikmebig)

A few examples of Bernie's work drawn from the past.... and placed in your present!
Fairbanks Dragon Chubby Dragon Whyte Laydie Tree of Life Whale/Drop

Sennheiser Microphones feature a Lehmann Model 2000 in a recent ad campaign. Good company!

Song and Celebration at the Woodstock Invitational Guitar Show Oct. 23 & 24. Over 50 of the best Luthiers in the world meet for a "Rumble in Bearsville" to show off their recent wares. Come and meet your makers!

See THE AMAZING DR. SEUSSAPHONE!!! played with the 12X AMAZING Handmade Orchestra Friday Oct. 1st as part of "Black Mt. North" Symposium. (click Links)
You ain't never seen 'nothin like it! Check the YouTube vid on the Hand. Orch. link if you dare!


__________ _____ ___clikmebig
Play it, Berno! Inspired by the revival of 'ole 5-O, the maestro hangs 4 on
his kind of board. This is the first uke from the sandy-haired specialist. Look
HERE or in the "Instock" Department for more info-mania.\


MJ Auch
Author and Lehmann Guitar owner MJ Auch has just published a new teen book about a boy finding himself through music and guitar building. See her story about writing the book and our guitar building adventures HERE. See her unique wedge shaped classical with the chicken headstock HERE and below.


Check out this short VIDEO shot by Kodak's Christopher Hart of Rochester's Shooting Star assembling a guitar in a minute and a half accompanied by musician Miche Frambo & Band playing on one of Bernie's classical creations .


MagThe"Multi-Talented Luthiers" article in the March issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine features 'The Legato Luthier' himself! See an image of page one of the print version here. Check out the full article online at Acoustic Guitar's webiste here. Or better yet, buy the mag! The entire 7 page article by Andrew Volk is worth the read (and the cover price.)


Did the Vikings really play banjo? No, they played the MÜNJO!
Download a sound sample HERE "Summerose and Jax" by Laurence Sugarman.

backclose upThor br/tpc
It's a 5 string banjo sweeter than a mando! (click larger)

Available for sale NOW!: Münjo's sibling, the great OCTAVE MAN-ZOUKI!
front back heart head cu br

Go to the "INSTOCK" page for more info. (click photoz larger)


Bernie was interviewed by his favorite radio host, SCOTT REGAN from WRUR during the Clothesline Art Festival and got to play a couple of tunes LIVE (scarry!!!). Here's a YouTube<LINK>. Check out BL's paintings <HERE>

The latest leaf of Lehmann lore leads to THE LANCE!!!! Is it acoustic??? Is it electric??? Yes, folks, TWO guitars in ONE!!!! (includes new technology). More information and fotoz on this Lacewood Lady on the "In Stock" page Here.
The Lance tops endVU


The LEHMANN PLAYERS hit the Rochester International Jazz Fest, 2009.
The Kinloch Nelson Band plays Wednesday, June 17, and the Fred Vine Band plays Tuesday, June 16 at Abilene Grill, Liberty Pole Way (across from Harro East) from 5pm to 8 pm. There will be a display of fine instruments from yours truly,
the Legato Luthier, and FREE BEER with every purchase!

See images of the NEW Model 2000 Classical #423 Here

Both DEEP and WIDE - Lehmann's carved hollow body Bass speaks to your SOUL!

The Latest in GOOD TASTE: Carved back Classicals in waterfall bubinga!
420full headstock

LEHMANN does it again! More cool ideas from the pool of possibilities:
Here's a MINI-CUTAWAY that doesn't take away tone. click to enlarge.

Check out JAZZ TIMES MAGAZINE September issue - Their review of the Montreal Guitar Show mentions the "stunning LEHMANN ribbed back guitar that projects incredibly well" Right ON!

"Lehmann Blends Music and Art" read the latest article on the front page of the
Business Section of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, May 11, 2008!
Watch the D&C On-Line Video: "Life as a Luthier" by Annette Lein

See LEHMANNS GUITARS live at these upcoming guitar shows:

Newport Guitar Festival in Miami Beach, April 11 to 13, 2008.
What a great show in a really FUN place! Thanks Henry!

Montreal Guitar Show, June 27 to 29, 2008. More Handmade guitars than you've ever seen in one place! The Best of the Best. Concurrent with the Jazz Fest.

TWO MORE one-of-a-kind LEHMANNS hit the stage this week: The Kinloch Nelson Concert Model (12 fret cutaway steel string) and the model MJ (an "0" size wedge body nylon string). Check out author MJ Auch's story of how we built her guitar. LINK HERE

 The New LEHMANN OVAL HOLE ARCHTOP has arrived! Sweet and rich as a peach pie with ice cream!


The LEHMANN GUITARS Concert featuring Rodney Jones, Lumiere, Nicholas Goluses, Los Arpegios, and Kinloch Nelson, was a great event and all those who attended had lots of fun.  It certainly was a beautiful day!


Gypsy guitar wizard Andreas Oberg burns the board of a Lehmann Rodney Jones Model at the "Django in June" Festival.


Gypsy Guitarists Duane Andrews and Ben Wood visited the Shop during the Rochester International Jazz Festival between gigs to keep their fingers hot. Good thing I had a fire extinguisher!

John Hammond recently visited the Luthier's Lair and fell in love with the Lehmann ebony Model 2000. Great player. Great taste!

The Luthier's Blog is the happenin' place! Check it out above.

Travel season is upon us! Take a look at the new LEHMANN GYPSY CARAVAN Travel guitar. Order yours now and have a great vacation!

A nice photo and article about Rochester's favorite luthier on p.85 in
the "Made in Rochester" section.

This is one with "everything on it." Curly pearwood, Adirondack spruce, engraved piano key ivory border, sound hole ring and fingerboard inlays, carved heel, nas Lehmann torch headstock. Ya gotta love it!


The Lehmann Instrument Fest was well attended this year by nearly 275 music lovers. The variety of music ranged from lute to jazz and everything in between, and featured instruments made by yours truly from 1972 to the present. Thanks to Kinloch Nelson, Artisan Works Gallery and all the musicians who played.
Click on photos for larger version.


10/20/05 - Featuring the "Dard Hunter Rose" Model 1887
Here's a new model I built especially for my Webmaster. He says he loves the richness of the wood and details. The arts and crafts rose and mother-of-pearl inlays look good next to the tobacco burst. Also features an ebony fretboard, spruce top and pear wood back and sides.





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